1. Don’t Let Appearances Fool You

The stuttering professor can have Voldemort in their turban and a lady who dresses in pink like to torture students. But a half giant can turn the kindest and warmest person.

  1. You Can Break The Mold And Forge Your Own Path

Take Fred and George for example, they didn’t do things the traditional way, they did the thing that made them happy which were JOKES.

  1. Never Be Afraid To Stand Up For What You Believe In

Even when harry was accused for telling lies about Voldemort was alive and his closest friend didn’t believe in him, after all that, he stood up in what he believed.

  1. Family Isn’t Defined By Blood

Even harry didn’t have a proper family but had something to compensate, friends. Which helped him many times in the series.

  1. Money Isn’t Everything

Weasleys had to wear hand-me down robes but stayed always happy. We can learn that money isn’t the key, it is family and friends.

  1. Love Never Dies, Even When People Do

When Harry’s mother Lily died, the love of her towards harry, protected him even after she died.

  1. There Are Some Battle You Have To Face Alone

At last Harry had to face Voldemort alone to protect the people he loved.


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