Negative publicity is when people are accused negatively in front of public which hurt the business real bad, like the song by Carrol who guitar was damaged and wrote a song about it. It costed United Airline $180 million.

There is one more example that of the maggi problem. Maggi was accused that they had put led in the noodles.Peoples had such a bond that they were heartbroken and when maggi came back, people were heart broken and its sale reduced.

The people who are accused for the negative thing like the CEOs of big companies are also affected in a good way as their sales increase because the other company that is accused gets no or very less sales.

Negative publicity is bad as it disrupts the sales and the companies go in loss however it can turn to tour favor also for example take the Indian movie “Padmavati”, it got hit as rumors spreaded that some scenes were against Hindu religion.


  1. Negative publicity can be a huge hit on your market value. But we also live in a world with people who are so conniving that they can turn even negative publicity into a money-making scheme! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. And thank you even more for the follow. Much appreciated. 🙂


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