Hacker problem

Hey, yesterday I was very happy that I had gained so much followers but a hacker deleted my followers and I was very sad, the people who had followed me, please follow me again, Thank you.

Warm Regards

Mark Wood

26 thoughts on “Hacker problem

      1. Have you hacked my blog William? I never sent you an invite to administer my blog. Why would I do so? By the way thank you so much for unfollowing me and not troubling me over and over again. Best of luck for your English exam!! I haven’t even opened the English texbook a single time, yet.

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      2. You gotta be kidding me man. Oh, wow! Wonderful! So you want to take credit for this one also. You are trying to act over smart. Hmmm.. Maybe I got the reason. It hurts your ego when you don’t get attention. Just like a hungry dog hunting for food and when you have stolen the credit you may get attention. Lies are spilling from your mouth as butter. You are just writing depressing, melancholy blah blah. Now go to hell, and leave alone me. Just do your own blogging and now never visit my site again.

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