I really wonder why human beings kill or harm animals at first place. Do they lack conscious, guilt or shame? My next concern is what we should do with them that such barbaric actions are stopped or become less frequent? I remember many incidents where Bollywood actors committed the crime of hunting endangered animals? They were arrested by the police but they walked out free by our judicial system just by paying a nominal fine.

I believe that students can play a major role by voicing out their concern for the protection and better treatment of animals. They can start with signature campaign to make stringent laws against these inhuman and barbaric activities. We all know that animals are also living beings therefore no one has right to harm them.

We students should conduct workshops in places like Delhi Haat, Book Fairs, Carnivals where we can sensitize people towards better treatment of animals. We should condemn the circuses because animals are caged and strictly trained by the ring master for entertainment and profit.

We all students should not go to such places like circus, where animals are exploited for money. We should not cage birds as they love to fly and look beautiful in the sky. When they are caged their life gets shortened.

As students we should spread awareness amongst people about the welfare and sensitivity of animal kingdom.

We can stop eating non-veg as students until absolutely necessary like medical purposes and by encouraging people to not eat non-veg, thus we can save life of many animals like birds, goats, beefs and fishes. Recently Honorable High Court of Haryana has declared that all animals are ‘living persons’ and have their own set of rights. As students we can inform our parents, family members and neighbors about this judgement. We can also make a small animal shelter where people can bring and buy orphan animals like puppies, cats, etc as pets and can know about the rights of those animals.

By Prajit Mittal


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on stopping cruelty against animals. Do you know that there are many forums which are propagating to stop cruelty against animals. It will be good if your provide the links of those forums along with your write up.

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  2. I agree with most of your points. Except for the dietary part, because I am finding society getting very judgemental of eating habits. Rather, I would like to encourage people to be willing to pay more for animal’s reared in a free and natural habitat.

    Cows allowed space to live rather than spending their lives in stall where they are milked.

    Free range eggs chicken and other livestock.

    And allow people to eat what they like.

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  3. Also, go to the blogs of your readers, and others with similar posts and comment and share your ideas. Follows flow from that because bloggers are interested in reading posts from like minded people – even when they have different and opposing ideas about the subject they write about.

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  4. Wow, you spent a long time in my blog today. Thanks for leaving me the likes. Very rewarding. You probably noticed I do not write long blogs very often, but the ones about my health crisis were pretty long. I agree with your view about the cruelty to animals pretty much, but I don’t view zoos and other entertainment as cruelty in general. They are generally pampered when in captivity so that they could not survive in the wild. One is rather lucky to get a glimpse of an animal in our zoo, so much effort has been made to giving them “natural” environment they stay out of sight more than I would like. I love to see them. Again, thanks for visiting me.

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